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About Tabletop Academy

Tabletop Academy is a 100% free Online Music School. 

The goal is to provide a structured and competitive training program for young composers, without the high cost normally associated with quality education. 

Available Classes

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Is There an Order to the Classes?

You are more than welcome to take the classes in any order that you'd like. However, to get the most out of each course, I recommend taking each one in the following order: Music Theory & Harmony, Music Theory & Melody, Orchestration I, and Orchestration II.

How are Classes Structured? 

The academy is currently in "phase one" of development. Each class is built from a selection of videos taken from my YouTube Channel accompanied by additional notes, and exercises. You can study each class at your own pace, and ask questions in the corresponding discord channel. 

Are there Homework Assignments? 

Every lesson comes with recommended exercises/assignments. These are not graded, but you can receive feedback by sharing your submissions in the corresponding Discord channel for each class. 

Is This Really Free? 

100 percent! My goal for the TTA is to provide a quality and free musical education to as many aspiring composers as possible! There are no hidden costs, and you will never be required to pay for access to any of the lessons or classes available as part of the academy. 

How Can I Help Support Future Classes? 

There are three main ways that you can show support and help the TTA grow. The first is to make a financial donation to help fund future classes (you can find a donation form below). The second is to fill out each of the feedback forms included in every class. Your feedback is vital to help improve the curriculum and inform the future development of the academy. Finally, you can help support future classes by spreading the word about the TTA! Providing Testimonials and sharing links on your favorite forums/websites will help bring the TTA to a larger audience, and broaden the impact it can have on future generations of composers. 

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Show Support & Donate

The growth of the TTA depends on the generous support of people like you!


Thank you for your donation!

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