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About Tabletop Composer

My name is Stephen Berkemeier

As a Professional Media Composer, my focus is on storytelling. I work closely with Directors, Producers, and Writers to bring their characters to life and enhance emotional journies with music. 

As a teacher, my passion is for making music education more widely accessible by sharing quality courses and resources to help support the next generation of composers. 

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Jack Von Ludwig

"Over the past few weeks, I've seen an astronomical improvement in my composition ability. Stephen explains things very clearly and concisely, while also being very open to discussion and dialogue before, during, and after each lesson. He's extremely knowledgeable and I always feel comfortable speaking with him!"
Tabletop Academy.png
Tabletop Academy.png

Tabletop Academy

Quality music education for FREE!

Sign up to take classes on music theory, orchestration, and more! All classes are 100% free and available to everyone. 

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