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Portraying Emotions with Music

Portraying Emotions with Music

*This E-book contains all the articles, videos, and audio samples from my online course of the same name. The only differences between the two are the live lessons and feedback included with the online class. 


This book is about learning to portray different emotions in the music you write. You’ll learn how to take the guesswork out of writing emotional themes and gain control over tried and true methods for planning and writing music that evokes the precise emotions you’re looking for.


This book takes traditional compositional techniques widely used in both film and concert music and applies them to an established psychological model for understanding and describing emotions. Together they help create reliable tools and strategies for writing emotional music.


Among the things you'll learn in this class are:

  1. The psychology behind how and why music is effective at portraying emotions.
  2. The roles that energy, valence, and gesture play in portraying emotions with music.
  3. How to manipulate and plan musical energy
  4. How to manipulate and plan musical valence
  5. How to create effective musical gestures
  6. The difference between primary and secondary emotions
  7. How to re-write themes so they convey different emotions
  8. How to transition between multiple different emotions in a single theme
  9. How to move beyond simple cliches and portray nuanced emotions
  10. How to study a scene/story to find the inherent emotions that need to be portrayed by the music.
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