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Guide to Creating Realistic MIDI Arrangements (Ebook)

Guide to Creating Realistic MIDI Arrangements (Ebook)

This 35-page E-book is dedicated to teaching everything that the modern media composer needs in order to create realistic-sounding MIDI mockups of their music.


You'll learn how Mic Positions, Reverb Settings, and Panning can be used to impact the type of digital "space" you want for your sound. You'll also learn how to use standard MIDI tools to alter the performances of your string, woodwind, and brass sound libraries to make them sound like real studio musicians! Among the topics covered are: 


-Mic Positions
-Reverb Settings
-Stereo field Positioning
-CC#7 (Track Volume)
-CC#1 (Modulation)
-CC#11 (Expression)
-CC#21 (Vibrato)
-Humanizing Tempo


As a disclaimer, this ebook is not for complete beginners. It's not an orchestration guidebook. It is dedicated to specific strategies for getting more realistic performances out of your sound libraries. 


For a free sample of the first chapter, check out my blog article "Creating a Digital Space for your Arrangements"

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