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Current Availability: "OPEN TO NEW STUDENTS"

Each lesson is tailored specifically to your needs and goals. After every lesson, you'll receive a Lesson plan with: 

  1. Notes on everything that we covered

  2. Recommended resources for continued education

  3. Homework assignments and exercises so you can immediately begin applying what you've learned. 

If you're interested in lessons, email me at to set up a free 1-hour long virtual intake session. At this meeting, we will discuss your musical background, your current process for writing music, your reason for taking lessons, and the goals you have for studying with me. All of this information is used to help make sure that your future lessons are all tailored appropriately to your current skill level and goals.    

After your free intake session, you can purchase lessons using any of the links below.

Discounts are available to all Patrons (contact me on Patreon for more information)

Private Lessons: Text