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Level Up Your Game

With Private Lessons

Composing is a skill just like any other and can benefit from a bit of guidance. Working with an experienced teacher can help accelerate your learning curve so you can begin writing the type of music you want to, much sooner.


Each lesson is tailored specifically to your needs and goals. After every lesson, you will receive  a lesson plan with: 


1. Detailed notes on everything we covered. 

2. A video recording of the lesson

3. Recommended homework assignments and exercises to  immediately apply what you've learned. 

To Apply: 

- Fill out the application form below. 

- Email with any additional questions you have. 



Sheet Music

Common Topics


How do I write an effective chord progression? How do I harmonize a melody? How do I keep my chords from getting boring?

Melody & Form

How do I come up with a good motif? How can I turn it into a full melody? How do I turn a simple idea into a full piece? What about counter melodies? 


How do I arrange my ideas for orchestra? What layers do I use? What instruments would work? How do I make it sound the way I want it to? 

Film Scoring

How do I write a character them? How do I portray emotions with my music? How do I tell a story with the themes that I write? 

Free Resources

I've uploaded 200+ videos on my YouTube Channel Tabletop Composer. You can find playlists on chord progressions, melody writing, orchestration, film scoring, and more!