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Portraying Emotions in Music: July - August Cohort

Jul 29, 2024 - Sep 7, 2024

  • 41Days
  • 63Steps


This class is about learning to portray different emotions in the music you write. You’ll learn how to take the guesswork out of writing emotional themes, and gain control over tried and true methods for planning and writing music that evokes the precise emotions you’re looking for. This class takes traditional compositional techniques widely used in both film and concert music and applies them to an established psychological model for understanding and describing emotions. Together they help create reliable tools and strategies for writing emotional music. Among the things you'll learn in this class are: 1. How to describe emotions as a combination of valence and arousal. 2. How to translate those descriptions into musical descriptions of energy and valence. 3. How to manipulate and plan musical energy 4. How to manipulate and plan musical valence 5. The difference between primary and secondary emotions 6. How to re-write themes so they convey different emotions 7. How to transition between multiple different emotions in a single theme 8. How to move beyond simple cliches and portray nuanced emotions 9. How to study a scene/story to find the inherent emotions that need to be portrayed by the music. In addition to the articles, videos, and examples found in each module, there will be weekly "live lessons" hosted by the teacher so you can ask any questions or share any ideas that may come up during your studies.

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